We organise practical workshops on NFTs and Web3

Online or on-location

Contact us and let us know what kind of workshop you want


For content creators (writers, photographers, videographers, artists) on how to make money with your creations and which tools to use

Plan and map out your NFT idea into an NFT project from A tot Z

How to turn your digital (art) creations into NFTs

How to create an NFT-collection for you or your business

How to create NFTs for physical goods you sell as a proof of ownership for your customers

How to create a website or webshop for your business where people can buy (or mint) your NFTs

How to create an NFT token-gated website, blog or webshop for your business as a membership-model with benefits (linked to your NFTs) for your loyal customers

How to create an NFT token-gated Discord with your NFTs to build out a community for your customer base

How to set up a Twitter-account for your NFT-community (or other social media)

How to market your NFTs to the NFT space where you will find many people who buy NFTs regularly as investments

How to market your NFTs online through social media marketing and SEO