About BelgianFrens

About BelgianFrens

BelgianFrens NFT is the first Belgian PFP-collection on Ethereum and Bitcoin ever, which makes it an NFT-collection which great historic value.

BelgianFrens is also a full NFT-marketing agency based in Belgium which works for customers worldwide.

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Our NFT services

Utility of our BelgianFrens NFTs

A win-win-win: Our Web3 business model to raise the value of our BelgianFrens NFTs for Holders, Customers and BelgianFrens

Where to buy or mint a BelgianFrens NFT

You can buy them on Venly Market and OpenSea 

You can mint them on belgianfrens.xyz 

You get 1 FREE BelgianOrdinals NFT on Bitcoin for every BelgianFrens NFT that you mint on Ethereum. Please join our Discord for more info.

Why buy or mint a BelgianFrens NFT

If you want to hire us for NFT-marketing, you will need to have at least 1 BelgianFrens NFT to access our closed Discord where we will further assist you.

If you want to buy products in our Holders-only store, you will need at least 1 BelgianFrens to be able to purchase products.

Our utility: what do you get when you buy or mint a BelgianFrens-NFT?

  • A BelgianFrens NFT on Ethereum (possibly even a Legendary?)
  • A FREE BelgianOrdinals on Bitcoin for every BelgianFrens NFT that you mint (not buy on OpenSea or Venly Market)
  • 24/7 access to our closed NFT Holders Only Shop with great products and promo's exclusively for holders
  • 24/7 Access to our closed Discord where you talk directly to the BelgianFrens team, read free marketing advice, learn about NFTs from the team and fellow members, build great connections for your business through our network, and maybe even make new frens for life
  • Discount on NFT workshops organised by BelgianFrens
  • 24/7 Access to our NFTacademy with a lot of educational info where you will learn to make NFTs yourself for your business and how to market them online
  • Access to great giveaways and deals we make for our holders through our collaborations with other businesses and organisation
  • Future utility and benefits, as long as you hold your BelgianFrens NFT(s)

How to get your free BelgianFrens NFT on Bitcoin

If you mint a BelgianFrens NFT, you will get a FREE BelgianOrdinals for every BelgianFrens NFT you mint. For more info or to claim your BelgianOrdinals Bitcoin NFT's, please join our Discord.