Utility of BelgianFrens NFTs

Utility of BelgianFrens NFTs


What do you get when you buy or mint a BelgianFrens-NFT?

A BelgianFrens NFT on Ethereum (possibly even a Legendary?)

A FREE BelgianOrdinals on Bitcoin for every BelgianFrens NFT that you mint (not buy on OpenSea or Venly Market)

24/7 access to our closed NFT Holders Only Shop with great products and promo's exclusively for holders

24/7 Access to our closed community in Discord where you can talk directly to the BelgianFrens team, read free marketing advice, learn about NFTs from the team and fellow community members, build great connections for your business through our network of NFT entrepreneurs and creators, meet with fellow BelgianFrens NFTacademy students, maybe even find a job in the NFT-sector, or make new NFT frens for life

Access to our Job board

The possibility to contact us for NFT marketing services

Access to our devoted NFThelpdesk, private chat and priority tickets for customers

Access to our live talks about NFTs for entrepreneurs

Discount on NFT workshops organised by BelgianFrens

24/7 Access to our NFTacademy with a lot of educational info and VIDEO content where you will learn to make NFTs yourself for your business and how to market them online

Access to great giveaways and deals we make for our holders through our collaborations with other businesses and organisation

Future utility and benefits, as long as you hold your BelgianFrens NFT(s)


BelgianFrens is a full-stack NFT-based business based on a unique businessmodel that we worked out to create a win-win-win for customers, holders and BelgianFrens:

In the beginning, customers will pay us by buying a number of BelgianFrens NFTs equal to the amount of the service fee. This will guarantee that BelgianFrens NFTs will be bought.

As a customer, you will need to keep at least 1 NFT to stay in the community and to be able to call upon our services and support

When all 10.000 NFTs have been sold out, new customers will pay us in another way for our services (crypto or fiat), but they will need to buy a number of BelgianFrens NFTs as well to gain access and to call upon our services. This is interesting for holders who want to sell. As we will work with monthly charges for long-term customers, and as this will always include the purchase of a certain amount of BelgianFrens NFTs, there will always be circulation of the NFTs. This will stimulate that NFTs will always keep on being bought, which is off course interesting for holders who would like to sell some, because there will always be demand.


A win for our Holders

As our BelgianFrens NFT collection will always be limited to the current amount of NFTs (10.000), and as our business model is based on incentives to buy and hodl our NFTs through our many utilities, there will always be reasons to buy and sell, which will influence the price in a positive way.

A win for Customers

Next to the many and on-going utilities of our NFTs, customers of our NFT services will be able to earn their investment for our services back (and maybe even gain profits) by listing the NFTs they purchase to be able to call upon our NFT services for sale. 

A win for BelgianFrens Agency

As a creator of the BelgianFrens NFT collection, we benefit from the innovative Web3 earning model, as we receive a creator fee from every purchase and resale. This is for us an incentive to keep the circulation of the BelgianFrens NFTs on-going, by delivering good work for our customers so they will keep on buying NFTs monthly as a recurring service fee, by creating new and more benefits and utility to give even more people a reason to buy one or more BelgianFrens NFTs, and to stay loyal to our community, which will always be the heart of BelgianFrens, to stimulate hodling of one or more BelgianFrens NFTs.

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