Read Our Mission Statement

Read Our Mission Statement

10% goes back to the community
10% goes to charities in Belgium

Being an early adopter and thus frontrunner in the Belgian NFT-space, hoping to become a leading example of an NFT-based business in Belgium, we have set ourselves some clear goals:

We aim to contribute to mass adoption of NFTs and blockchain technology in Belgium, by forming a launchpad for Belgian NFT ventures, projects or collections of all sorts. We will achieve this by facilitating Belgian entrepreneurs, businesses, artists or individuals in creating and marketing NFTs. We are striving to bring on-going value to our BelgianFrens holders, community, and the BelgianFrens NFT-collection, by providing as much utility as possible to each BelgianFrens NFT, this through collaborations with a strong focus on Belgian partners, and by giving back 10% of our NFT-sales and re-sales to our community in the form of a community treasury, and by donating 10% of our NFT-sales and re-sales to Belgian charities.

For collaborations, please contact us through our contactform in English, Dutch or French.


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